4GB USB Flash Drive with 30 .Pes files
4GB USB Flash Drive with 30 .Pes files

4GB USB Flash Drive with 30 .Pes files

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You get a 4GB USB Flash with 30 of your favorite .pes designs pre-loaded and ready to use in your embroidery machine.  You can even edit these files in your Brother PE Design Software to create new designs. Plug this usb into your Brothers Embroidery Machine choose a file and start embroidering using on of your new files.


With over 30 pre-loaded files this USB flash drive has more space to put more of your pre existing files or just about anything you want. 


The Files included on this USB Flash drive are as follows.

1. Baby Shark design

2. Basketball Embroidery design

3. Breast Cancer Awareness design

4. Broken Heart Emoji

5. Champion logo

6. Dubb Nation design

7. Facebook Icon

8. Facebook Thumbs up Emoji

9. Football design

10. Ghost design

11. Goku Face

12. Heart Icon 

13. Heart Eyes Emoji

14. Instagram Emoji 

15. Instagram Emoji faded

16. LOL Emoji 

17. Myspace Embroidery design

18. Nike Swoosh 

19. Peace Symbol design

20. Poo Emoji

21. Puma design

22. Pumpkin design

23. Supreme Icon

24. Smile emoji design

25. Snapchat Icon 

26. Soccer Ball design

27. Track Foot

28. Turkey design

29. Twitter Logo

30. Unicorn design

Bonus 31. YouTube Play Button design